Stamp Seal Maker 3.0: Documentation

Generates Corporate and Business Seals in Seconds


Thank you for using StampSealMaker from New Concept Technologies LLC. This stamp and seal maker software has been carefully done for you to use in your business and other official purposes. No need waiting for hours and weeks for a graphic artist or designer to make a rubber stamp for your business or company when you can easily use StampSealMaker software to generate any seal or stamp within seconds – all done in the comfort of your home or office!

This software is for Windows, Linux and Mac operating system. Please download the right software for your operating system of your computer from our website and use the license code sent to you to activate the StampSealMaker.

General Usage

In version 3.0 we have improved the user interface and user experience for better. You can now create or modify seals and you will experience the preview as you go comparing to version 2.

At the right side of the interface we have put all the type of seal and their properties. By clicking or dragging any of the seal icon to the canvas at the middle (white area), you can start your journey with our software.

At the left of the panel all the things to be added/modified/removed to your selected seal are in there with every single details.

While you are making the seal, regardless of their sizes sometimes you may need to zoom in or out the view. At the bottom we placed zooming sliders and buttons to modify the view.

After you make the seal you may to to export the seal in various formats. Or you may want to open or save your work etc. Just take look at the top, there are tools there to help your need.

At the middle, there is a giant area there to help you to select your seal to work with. Here you can position your seal, or resize seal only by dragging etc.

Working with Project Files

To start working on a new clean Seal or stamp please just open up the StampSealMaker app. When you make any changes in properties, it is saved in memory of the app. If you want to save this changes for later usage, you may use in top bar button Save Project to save all the settings into project file for later usage. So, when you restart app, you again presented with clean new seal, but now you can load your recently saved seal by using Open Project and selecting previously saved file. Please don’t forget to save file again if you made any changes in your seal properties in the app.


Seals or Stamps can be exported into three different ways: image file, as Microsoft Word Document (*.docx) file, or print using your printer. Please click on export section on file from the software.

Export as Image

Use Export to Image button at top bar of the app to save seal as image. The image format will be PNG which is supported by StampSealMaker app. You might decide to use the image in another app; insert into other documents, print it using third-party apps etc. All these are achievable outside of the StampSealMaker with using your exported seal image.

Export as MS Word Document File

Use Export to DocX button at top bar of the app to save seal as Docx file, which is Microsoft Document file. After saving, you may navigate yourself in your operating system to the exported Docx file and open it in your editor (by default – Microsoft Word). This is useful if you want to fine tune location of the seal using MS Word application, or make other changes in the document and then print it in the MS Word.

Add Seal

To add new seal just click on the icon of the choosing of your shape or drag to the canvas area. Then select the seal and start working with it.

Editing the Seal Properties


You can change preview image size as you want through Zoom In/Out


With line frame you can edit outer line width (line1), inner line width (line2), and space between this two lines. Also, you can edit Color of line.

Border Image

With picture frame you also can edit line settings from previous Help section, but also in addition to that the Seal will have Pictured frame. You can use default picture (the triangle), or load an image from file using Browse (📂) button.

Bands and Text

Band is an inner band in the seal, which include text and line. You can add any number of bands which you want using Add (+) button or remove current band using ✘ button. The Edges is not editable as it depends from the shape of the seal. For example, the Circle shape have only one edge. The rectangle has 4 edges, so you can select unique band for each edge. In each band you can edit text, font, spaces of top of the band and bottom of the band. It is easier to just type in there some text and play with parameters, press “Generate” button to see how the seal looks with these changes. At the bottom of each band you can edit the head and foot yield and line thickness and line color.

Insert Symbol

You can add special symbols on the text of the bands. Just click on Ω button to browse through and insert symbols.

Contour of Center

This setting is edit the center contour line thickness, head yield and color.

Text in the Center

This edits the text in the center of seal and all its properties – font, color, rotation etc.

Picture in the Center

You can place one or more images on the seal relatively to the center of seal. You may add more images using Add + button and remove current image using button. To load current image from file press Browse (📂) button and select an image to load. You can change the position of image only using fields Position X and Position Y so you can’t move the image across the seal using your mouse. Fine-tune the location using this fields. You can also select the size of the image using percent or the specific size in pixels depending on the Autosize checkbox selected. The color button will make you image is one-colored. This is useful if you use shaped image and want to change all its color to some another. If you press this button, then the color is applied to image. Better, if you prepare your image outside of the StampSealMaker app in an image editor to make it properly shape and color. You can also change the rotation of every images, their positions and intensity of colors from the image.

Edit the Seal and Rotating

Edit the seal is for adding smudge, negative color, discrepancy and mirror the seal.

Finally, you can rotate the seal in any angle of your choosing if you want.